Job offer:

Research Assistant (f/m/d) with experience in plant cell biology and biotechnology

As a rapidly expanding start-up, ScreenSYS is seeking to employ a self-motivated, experienced, passionate and team-oriented professional to join our company in the role of Research Assistant (f/m/d). They will work closely together with a team of experts in plant biology, data science and laboratory automation.

Your key responsibilities:

  • Apply plant in vitro technologies, using single cells and tissue culture approaches and genetic transformation
  • Conduct experiments and assay development in automated/semi-automated environment with a strong emphasis on microscopy of living plant cells
  • Generate image data using conventional and digital microscopy and interact with data analysis experts
  • Develop experiments and ideas, document, communicate and present results internally and externally to project partners
  • Perform molecular analysis, reporter assays and data analysis
  • Perform project status updates and planning using project management tools
  • Report to project leader
  • Support laboratory safety and infrastructure maintenance and order project-specific supplies


Your ideal qualifications:

  • A BTA/CTA/MTA/PTA certified, Bachelor’s degree (required) or Master of Science (preferred) or higher in plant sciences such as plant cell and molecular biology, plant physiology, biotechnology etc., horticulture or agriculture
  • A minimum of 2 years work experience as a research assistant or equivalent position (required) or more (preferred)
  • Demonstrated experience and outstanding skills in plant in vitro culture technologies, in particular protoplast/single cell technologies, micropropagation, in vitro regeneration, screening approaches and handling diverse types of analytical and robotic instruments (including but not limited to thermal analyzers, conventional and digital microscopes, flow cytometry and microfluidics, liquid handling systems and multi-instrument screening pipeline)
  • A strong ability to organize work effectively and whenever required independently
  • Multitasking ability and production of results against challenging timelines
  • A flexible schedule to support research needs
  • Excellent team spirit and communication skills in interdisciplinary team
  • Problem-solution oriented attitude
  • Fluency in written and spoken English (required) and German


Specific and advantageous skills

Candidates with at least some of the following demonstrable skills will be considered as a priority:

  • Experience with single cells techniques in monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plant species
  • Automated and canonical microscopy skills
  • Experiences in molecular cloning and RNA/DNA analysis techniques Experience with liquid-robotics handling
  • Practical use of documentation and statistical analysis tools
  • Multitasking ability and production of results against challenging timelines
  • German language skills (written and spoken)


Our offer:

  • Limited contract (1-year with extension option) within a dynamic and exciting R&D environment promoted by a start-up spirit
  • Interdisciplinary, multinational, and creative working environment
  • Annual performance bonus and competitive salary


About ScreenSYS GmbH

ScreenSYS is a pioneering start-up company (founded in 2017) specialising in disruptive technologies within the global agribusiness market by accelerating doubled haploid plant production, micropropagation and genome editing. Unique technologies developed by ScreenSYS transform plant breeding with the power of robotics, microscopic phenotyping, artificial intelligence and chemical regulator discovery. ScreenSYS commercialises state-of-the-art research with products for the agricultural biotechnology and seed market. Our technologies support plant breeders towards sustainable supply of food, feed and plant derived materials.

If you are interested, please send your CV and covering letter as pdf to